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Обратная связь

Summary of the 1st selection stage for free education of pupils from Kizel coil basin territory in “Skolkovo”


Within the framework of stage it was necessary to write an essay “Who from entrepreneurs inspires me?”. Competition jury received 60 works for review from pupils of Gubakha, Kizel and Gremyachinsk. 33 persons passed in the 2nd stage. Competition jury evaluated the essay structure, argument presence, attention of authors and the topic coverage.  

The jury member, Deputy General Director for strategic development and investment project evaluation  of Metadynea company Levon Garslyan highlighted the importance that Russian entrepreneurs such as Oleg Tinkov, Pavel Durov and Tatyana Bakalchuk became leaders in selection of topics for essays: «Generally, I liked that the children indicated two important aspects in their works: necessity of hard work to be a successful entrepreneur and that entrepreneurs is a rare class of people ready to risk.  For me it’s a very conscious approach, considering that the age of authors doesn’t exceed 14-17 years. I ask the children to keep these two aspects in mind independently from competition results”.    

According to PJSC Metafrax advisor for Chairman of the Board Mariya Konovalova, the big importance has the geography of essay authors: “It’s important that to be candidates to win a grant from Metafrax for education in “Skolkovo” could pupils not only from Gubakha, but also from Kizel and Gremyachinsk. I’ll reveal a secret that participants from all three towns will be present in the next stage”.

Finalists of the 1st stage will be invited to attend and solve a case from Metafrax Group. In the near future, Skolkovo specialists will contact with participants of the 2nd stage and announce a topic and online-lecture speaker.  

Three winners Metafrax Group will provide with a grant for education in “Junior” Academy for startup program of “Skolkovo”. Remaining participants will get the priceless experience.

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