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Personnel policy


Dominant of the personnel policy of PJSC "Metafrax" is the rejuvenation and complex motivation of the employees.

The important trend for the company is to attract professional and creative persons. In 2008 more than 100 workers got a job at PJSC "Metafrax"; 80% of them are in the age of under 30 years old.

Besides, we are aware the importance of the "social" benefits, and self-actualization and aggrandizement.

Skilled personnel mobilization

"Prepare", train the person in situ is one of the principle of the Company personnel policy. PJSC "Metafrax " collaborates with the largest Institutes of the country - Perm State Technical University, Perm State Classic University, Kazan State Technical University and others. The students are invited to have the practice paid by the Company. The monthly additional grand provides those who signed the contract with the Company or the Company pays the study. Currently more than 100 students with the Company grand are studied at the Institutes.

Every year the management of the Company practices the Olympiads between the regional towns and awards the talented pupils of Gubakha, Kizel, Gremaychinsk, Alexandrovsk schools. Besides, our future workers are studied in Perm lyceum and collages; "architect" of the workers is the Ural Chemical and Technology Collage organized with the assistance of PJSC "Metafrax". UCTC specialists' grounding meets the requirements making to the Company's employees.

Social warranties to the "newly arrived" specialists

The Company aims to grant the "newly arrived" specialist by not only the job but also assist in his everyday problems.

In the first place, it is a matter of dwelling. In 2004, 70-apartment building was completed and the "newly arrived" specialists could acquire the apartment by installment, rent or rent with the subsequent buyout.

Besides, 9-storied apartment is under construction; parts of the apartments are intended exactly for these specialists.
When coming to our enterprise the "newly arrived" specialists are suggested to take part in corporative seminars the teachers of which are the top managers of the Company. The Company welcomes extension and second educational courses, carrier and professional managerial promotion. The results are announced at the annual competition "A Man of a Year".

If you want to become a "Metafrax" grant holder, then you have to enter or have already been studying in the State Institute or University with the trends needed for the enterprise accompanied by your wish to work at the factory. The contract between the enterprise, grant holder and Institute are negotiated individually; in case of necessity you can be suggested the individual teaching.

If you have become a "Metafrax" grant holder, then since the tree-power contract starting you get a monthly premium to the grant in the amount equal to a minimum wage fixed by RF law.

If you want to become a "newly arrived" "Metafrax" specialist, then you need to find the specialty corresponded to your proficiency in the section VACANCY and contact to us immediately.

If you have already been a "newly arrived" "Metafrax" specialist, then you get an additional grant when hiring and if necessary a first-class accommodation. Within a month, a "newly arrived" specialist prepares documents necessary for preferential turn to acquire the accommodation. When buying the dwelling a "newly arrived" specialist having worked at the enterprises no less for two years has a right to get a bank accommodation under the guarantee of the company. When the first six months of work expire, a "newly arrived" specialist has a right to get from PJSC Metafrax a commodity credit in the amount of up to 10 (ten) average company salary to purchase essential household appliances and the time to run is 2 (two) years. In addition successful "newly arrived" specialists get a monthly payment for the first three years of working.

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