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Caring for the environment and safe living of people in the environment are absolute priorities of PJSC Metafrax activity.

Strategic aim of PJSC Metafrax is to be stable and competitive company.

Minimization of environmental impacts

While being aware of our social responsibility, we intend to contribute to long-term economic growth and social stability thus preserving favorable environmental conditions, using resource-saving technologies for development and constantly improving and enlarging environmental equipment funds. This course of the company’s development is directed to minimization of negative environmental impacts.

In this regard the company’s management pays careful attention to questions of environmental protection system.

Industrial environmental control

Ensuring of industrial environmental control is essential to production and other activities of PJSC Metafrax. It is ensured through package of measures aimed at ecological safety control during production facilities operation, at prevention of ecological and sanitary norms’ contempt at these production facilities and readiness to remedy its consequences. Solution of industrial environmental control issues is provided by activity of all the departments and officers under their assigned duty.

Environmental monitoring

Operational environmental monitoring system enables accurate and objective monitoring of ecological situation in the plant-affected area, analyzing of ambient air and water sources condition, determination of these environmental activities’ efficiency, prompt identification and liquidation of environmental emergency situations at the production facilities. Supervision of the ecological norms observance is effected by specialized certified laboratories of the plant.

Expert assessment of the facilities

Each new facility of PJSC Metafrax undergoes expert assessment from the environmental impact point of view.

Treatment facilities

PJSC Metafrax is an “aidman” of the river Kosva and due to its biological treatment facilities all the domestic and the most part of industrial wastes of Gubakha are treated.

In accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation Environmental Legislation, nature protection activities of PJSC Metafrax take three directions:

-          Ambient air protection

-          Water resources management (water consumption, water discharge and water bodies protection)

-          Wastes management.

Ambient air protection

At the plant there are 20 emission sources which are equipped with gas-purification and dust-collecting units, where in 2016 8554,4 tons of pollutants were trapped, among them: carbon oxide - 6 278,3 tons; methanol – 2 057,4 tons; nitrogen oxides – 35,0 tons, formaldehyde–  46,2 tons, ammonia – 1,3 tons, solid pollutants – 136,2 tons.

All the emission sources are considered by Administration of Russian Rosprirodnadzor for Perm Region (Federal Service for Oversight of Natural Resource Use) and are allowed to emit pollutants into the atmosphere.

In 2016 1458,4 tons of pollutants were released into the atmosphere, representing 45,3% of allowable emissions per year.

Supervision of the established standards observance at emission sources is effected by accredited sanitary laboratory of PJSC Metafrax under approved schedule. In 2016 no exceedances of emissions at emission sources were detected.

The plant maintains regular monitoring of ambient air quality on boundary of sanitary protection zone. Besides sanitary laboratory monitors ambient air condition of the nearest residential areas – Severnyi Settlement and Gubakha Town.

Thus during 2016 in Severyi 2680 samples were taken and no exceedances of maximum permissible concentrations (MPC one-time) were detected.

In the residential area of Gubakha 129 samples were taken and analyzed for methanol, which is produced at PJSC Metafrax. In 2016 no exceedances of hygienic standards of Gubakha’s ambient air quality regarding methanol content were detected. In framework of sanitary protection zone monitoring in 2016 150 samples were taken and analyzed for methanol content. By the results of monitoring, in the specific check-points no exceedances of hygienic standards of ambient air quality were detected.

Every year PJSC Metafrax concludes a contract with Perm Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring in order to ensure ambient air quality on boundary of sanitary protection zone and prompt response of the plant to possible exceedances of air pollutants MPC in settlements. If information regarding adverse weather conditions (AWC) is notified, activities specified in “Schedule of measures for regulation of pollutants emissions into the atmosphere during AWC” are carried out.

13 warnings of expectable adverse weather conditions with total duration of 567 hours were received during 2016. As a result of administrative and technical measures taken pollutants emission has been reduced by 22,8 tons.

In 2016 no emergency emissions were detected.

Among the measures to reduce ambient air stress, in 2016 at methanol plant some activities for setting of reformer №1 operational conditions were performed and it allowed to reduce nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides emissions from this emission source by 100 tons.

Moreover in order to comply with the legal requirements, in 2016 gas analysis systems for automatic continuous determination of pollutants in flue gas emissions from the main emission sources of methanol plant were purchased and installed.

Water resources management

In 2016 7,3 million cubic meters of water were taken from Shirokovskoye Reservoir for the needs of PJSC Metafrax production activity and of Severnyi Settlement’s population.

Due to modernization of water supply system and installation of metering units at the main treated water consumers, water consumption from Shirokovskoye Reservoir has been reduced by 0,5 million cubic meters.

PJSC Metafrax at its own biological treatment facilities purifies not only its production waste water but also all the domestic and the most part of industrial wastes of Gubakha.

During 2016 4,95 million cubic meters of waste water were treated.

Measures aimed at water resources conservation included:

- Production quality control of waste and natural water

- Morphometric and hydrobiological research of the river Kosva aimed at protection of water biological resources

- Modernization of the equipment for waste water treatment.

Wastes management

PJSC Metafrax has the right to produce and to temporary accumulate 51 types of production and consumption wastes of 1-5 hazard class in the quantity of 3194,9 per year.

In fact waste generation in 2016 was 2,360 tons, among them 230,8 tons were used, 2130 tons were transferred to other companies for utilization and neutralization, 502 tons of non-hazardous and low-hazardous wastes were landfilled.

Mercury containing and medical wastes were transferred to special licensed organizations for neutralization. Spent accumulators, catalysts, oil, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals are regularly transferred for utilization.

Environmental protection costs

Total current environmental protection costs in 2016 amounted to 110,4 million rubles.

Maintenance costs for treatment facilities operation in 2016 amounted to 100,8 million rubles. Maintenance costs for ambient air protection amounted to 7,2 million rubles.


15,8 million rubles were spent on modernization of treatment facilities equipment, and 9,5 million rubles were spent on measures to protect air basin.

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