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Personnel Policy

The personnel policy of Metafrax Chemicals is an integral system of interaction with personnel, focused on ensuring the achievement of the company's strategic goals, implementation of its investment program, development of production and improvement of product quality.

We make every effort to effectively use our human resource potential, strengthen a unified corporate culture, and increase employee motivation and professional development.

We care about improving the quality of life and health of our employees and their loved ones, therefore, we try to adequately cater for them and build confidence in the future.

It is important for Metafrax Chemicals to attract new young employees who are professional and creative, so we are actively working with schools, colleges, universities, the company's personnel pool and try to continuously build up the company's staff with workers and specialists of the highest qualification.

At Metafrax Chemicals, we make every effort to ensure the continuous professional and personal development of our employees. Every year our employees undergo professional training not only at the Metafrax Chemicals training center, but also at the leading training centers in Perm, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We conduct competitions of professional skills in all major specialities. Young specialists of the company take part in the "Competition for the best scientific and technical work among young specialists", and the best employees of the company are annually awarded the "Person of the year" corporate award on the eve of Chemist's Day.

The motivation system of Metafrax Chemicals is based on a combination of material and non-material forms of personnel incentives, and the use of various social programs.