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Strategy for Human Resources Management

Metafrax Chemicals is developing continuously. We are not only improving the manufacturability and developing our product line, but also working on attracting and training highly qualified employees and specialists.

Metafrax Chemicals has developed and approved a "Human Resources Strategy", which is an action plan for:

  • career guidance work for students and graduates of schools in the Perm region as well as their parents
  • informational work with teachers of specialized disciplines in schools of the Perm region
  • career guidance work with applicants and students from colleges of the Perm region, universities of Perm, Yekaterinburg and Kazan
  • improving the corporate system of professional training for specialists and managers
  • evaluation and development of the existing personnel pool
  • selection of highly qualified personnel

Systematic performance of the strategic action plan allows potential employees of the company to receive the most clear and objective information about the company's history, development plans, products, technologies, management, production teams, benefit plan and opportunities that are provided by employment at Metafrax Chemicals.

In addition to attracting new employees, the "Strategy" also aims to develop existing personnel in various ways.

Work with young specialists, formation of their professional and managerial competencies, corporate training of specialists and systematic development of the company's personnel pool allow Metafrax Chemicals succeed in its area.