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Cultural Activities

We do not just support the community projects and initiatives, we by ourself bring culture to the regions, where our assets are located

With our programs we give to the wide audience the possibility to become familiar with the high art, and we create the new centers for its support and development in the region.

The most famous cultural event is a yearly theater-landscape festival “Mysteries of the Chrestovaya mountain”. For the first time with the support of Metafrax Chemicals it was held in 2012, the highlight of the project became the “Ballet on the sunset” on the top of the mountain chain Rudyanskiy spoy of the Chrestovaya mountain. The project was acknowledged like one the best festivals of Russia. It was awarded with the prize ”Honors” by the Union of Theater Professionals, prize in the sphere of culture and art of Perm region and prize “Perm region Ambassador”, Diploma of the I level of the national award in the sphere of the event tourism “Russian Event Awards” of Volga and Ural federal regions.

We implement joint projects with theaters, museums, libraries, creative teams and cultural figures

In 2018 Metafrax Chemicals concluded the agreement on partnership with Perm Academy opera and ballet theater named after P.I. Tchaikovsky. One of the first of our joint initiatives became XII Dyagilev festival. Among our constant partners are such leaders of regional and Russian culture as Alexey Rybnikov Theater, Perm Academy Theater-Theater, Perm state art gallery, KUB museum.

We participate in improvement of the cultural environment of KUB towns

In Gubakha from 2017 step by step the park named after Yu.Gagarin is being equipped, Chemical specialists alley and skate park were created, with our support the art-object “Atomium” was built. In 2020 Metafrax Chemicals supported the project for overhaul of the houses on the central street taking responsibility for project documentation development. As a result of the joint efforts the citizens will get modern community space presented in a single stile.