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Armen Garslyan: "You’re the pride of our region"

Armen Garslyan:

Metafrax Chemicals and the Dedmorozim Charity Foundation summed up the five-year results of the project to support orphans with disabilities. Since 2019, the company has been actively involved in improving the rehabilitation system in care homes for children with disabilities, so that each of them can grow up as independent as possible.

Metafrax volunteers help children from the Rudnichny care home to acquire new social skills, and the company regularly covers part of the costs of visiting consultations, purchase of rehabilitation equipment, creation of a comfortable developing environment and training of employees in important aspects of palliative care.

Armen Garslyan, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory, First Deputy Secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia Party: “I’d like to express my gratitude to the team of the Dedmorozim Foundation, the volunteers of Metafrax Chemicals, the staff of the care home and all the kind people involved in the fate of special children from Rudnichny. You’re the pride of our region, people with a big heart and a great desire to make our region a better place. I’m very glad that you live, work and implement your ideas here.”

The Rudnichny settlement is located near Gubakha, therefore, the folks and the company's volunteers manage to communicate often. Adults and children became friends thanks to the project "Return the Future" of the Dedmorozim Foundation.

For the past five years, Metafrax volunteers, together with the coordinators of the project “Return the Future”, have been organizing summer field events for graduates of the Rudnichny care home. The place of action doesn’t change, it’s the Uralsky Buket recreation center on the shore of the Shirokovsky Reservoir. It’s important that the event is held not only for entertainment and recreation, but also for practicing important social skills: self-care in everyday life, planning important events and, of course, communication. For the last two years, the company has been covering part of the labor costs of accompanying specialists for several participants of the project “Return the Future”. The goal is to help graduates of the care home in socialization, organization of daily routine and independent life.

Thanks to the partnership with Metafrax, orphans and young adults learn to take their first independent steps in life, despite difficult diseases and conditions.