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An agreement on targeted training of teachers was signed in Gubakha

An agreement on targeted training of teachers was signed in Gubakha

On February 26, at the initiative of Metafrax Chemicals, a round table discussion on education in the towns of the Kizel coal basin (KCB) was held in Gubakha. The topic of the meeting: "The development of education and the training (renewal) of teaching staff in the KCB territory."

The open conversation was attended by members of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory: Armen Garslyan, Alexei Mazlov and Maria Konovalova; Konstantin Yegorov, rector of the Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (PSHPU), as well as the heads of Gubakha and Kizel districts Nikolai Lazeikin and Andrei Rodygin, school principals of the KCB towns.

The support of education in this territory by Metafrax Chemicals has long been systematic. This includes the opening of classes with in-depth study of chemistry, Metafrax class, constant support of school projects, participation in the “Professionalitet” project.

The result of the roundtable discussion was the signing of an agreement between the administrations of the Gubakha municipal district and the PSHPU on the training of teachers of chemistry, physics and mathematics for schools in the town. The agreement also foresees the provision of socially oriented financial support to graduates with the participation of town-forming enterprises. The document was approved by the district head Nikolai Lazeikin and the university rector Konstantin Yegorov.

Maria Konovalova, Director of Strategic Communications at JSC Metafrax Chemicals: “Using the example of requests from a young employee of an industrial enterprise, we understand what the requirements of young teachers may be. They are roughly the same. They are about the life quality expected by a person. After graduation, when choosing where to work, young specialists certainly focus on the life quality. First of all, this is housing, and then infrastructure, roads, healthcare, schools for children, kindergartens, leisure, sports, culture. It's a complex. And what is valuable, in Gubakha, the joint work of the enterprise, the administration, and the deputy corps is aimed at improving the life quality of citizens.”

Within the framework of the agreement, it’s planned to organize career guidance work with Gubakha school students. For example, it’s the project "Career guidance landing", educational and career guidance tourism: an excursion to the PSHPU, career-guidance tours, personal development training.

Armen Garslyan, member of the Legislative Assembly of the Perm Territory, First Deputy Secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia Party: “The development of education and personnel training are not new topics. There is a shortage problem of teachers in schools, especially in subjects needed by Gubakha enterprises: chemistry and physics. Without field-oriented profiles, we will not be able to train employees for the company in the future, so the problem shall be solved now and comprehensively. We know that an integrated approach gives results. A good example is the Ural Chemical Technology College, which is now one of the best in the country: Metafrax supported the “Professionalism” project, and we achieved this result together. I‘m sure that by supporting the contract students, we will also get the necessary results for our territories.”

One of the points of the agreement is cooperation in the field of development of scientific and technological creativity of children and youth: the organization of industrial practice for PSHPU students at the premises of education centers "Point of growth" in Gubakha. Cooperation in the field of development of educational, research and project activities of school students, support of the activities in psychological and pedagogical classes of schools and scientific and methodological support of pedagogical and management personnel was also declared.

Konstantin Yegorov: “The signed agreement with Gubakha municipal district is very important for us. We are taking systematic steps and expect partner companies to get involved. The task of the university is to track how well a student will study, how many students will study from Gubakha municipal district or Kizel district. Therefore, now it’s necessary to attune to each other, hear requests and see opportunities."

The next step will be to create a roadmap where the partners will describe in detail all the points and deadlines for the implementation of a mutually beneficial project.